OMG, What Happened to 2017




Things did happen.  I got a job as a receptionist at a veterinary hospital.  We bought new furniture for our house.  The weeds grew faster than the grass.  My sister came and visited.  We had hail and had to replace the roof.  Our car tripped 100,000 miles.  We visited more places in Texas.  Our lilies bloomed.  We went to BGG spring and fall.  Fireworks at the beach.  We are continually adding thing to the house.  We went to see Christmas Lights, and put some up.  And last but not least, we went to Chicago, to visit family.


Travelling The Mississippi River


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After visiting family and friends in Illinois, we take interesting routes back to the great state of Texas.  This Memorial Day week we decided to follow the Mississippi River home.  The journey took us to some beautiful and historic sites.


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Oops, Its a New Year


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It seems as though I have let my musings go for a while.  It is now March of a New Year.  My last posting was of travels my husband and I had taken.  Since then we have traveled  even more.

Holidays came and went and so did we.  Thanksgiving was spent in Chicago with family  and friends.  We had the opportunity to fly again so we did.  Christmas was warm here in  Texas as well as in Illinois.  Because of this good fortune, we took a leisurely drive in an old  friend, our aging Pathfinder.  We found our way to Branson, Mo.  There we took in some  sites and shows.









We also found our way to America’s National Churchill Museum located on the campus of Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri.  There is a reconstructed Church brought from England along with sections of the Berlin Wall.

church              Churchill

Berlin wall





Gaming Again


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20150321_102443 (1)My husband and I are gamers.  Since moving we have been able to keep up with some of our gaming groups online.  We are part of a static group that has been playing two different Turbine Games (DDO online and LOTRO Lord of the Rings online) for nearly 8 years.  We also play a Fantasy Grounds roll playing game (50 Fathoms) online.

We own and play many board games.  We have not been able to unpack and play with many of these games, because it is just the two of us here.  So we searched the internet and found a local board gaming group,  Dallas Games Marathon.

We have been attending this event for the last four months.  It has been outstanding. We have met new people, played new games, and had tons of fun.

Life Happens


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lifeSo, Now in Texas, and the weather followed us.  As stated Life Happens… The Holidays of the last year came and went.  They were both happy and sad.  Time with the family is always good, but we also lost a family member making it a bitter sweet time.

Now a New Year is under way and so is the job hunting experience.  The process is different everywhere and especially here.  Each town has its own regulations and websites.  Each requires it’s own log in and passwords, and each has it’s own applications that have to be filled out.

Change and Opportunity



oppChange occurs and opportunities happen.  My husband and I had a chance to make this happen, so we took it.  We had been thinking about our lives and careers and what path they were taking.  We updated our house, sold it, and moved SouthWest. Everything that you are not supposed to talk about we went looking for;jobs, politics, and faith.  We now live in Texas.  So it should be interesting, a new extreme to most everything especially the weather..

Online Learning…


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courseA free online course was offered at Elmhurst College.  I figured hey why not.  It is a four week class, consisting of seven modules.  Each of these contain readings, exercises, and quizzes.  Upon completion of the quizzes with a score of better than 70% you receive a badge.  The course is called Skills for the Digital Earth.  Elmhurst College’s Skills for the Digital Earth MOOC is an online course designed to introduce how location technologies are used in society.