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gplrecord2gplrecord My first day at Glen Ellyn Public Library as an intern, went well.  I met with the Director, Dawn Bussey.  We discussed the library and her goals.  There is so much more to the role of a director than I would have thought.  She heads the business aspects, the marketing, the funding, and the people.  We met in her office on the third floor, where it was a little empty and quiet.  She explained that quiet is good when you have to go over facts and figures to produce documentation to express the benefits the library provides  the community.   We also discussed what I plan to get out of my time there.  I explained that I was there to learn.

The first step in learning is understanding the history.  Dawn then handed me the Glen Ellyn Public Library: The First Century 1907-2007.  My first assignment would be to read and comment on this work. (Old habits die hard, I had to look up this book in WorldCat, the record is to the left.)   She then took me around to some different departments and  introduced me to some coworkers.   I spent the rest of my time that day reading and enjoying the library.