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Saturday started my adventure into the youth services department.  Within the history of the library on the library’s website, it describes Youth Services, which occupies a considerable part of the first floor.  Its picture book area brings in the architectural design of the building with its octagonal play area. The youth reference desk is octagonal, as is the window in the youth program room.  Other unique features of the youth department are the program staging area off the program room, the child-sized restroom, the display cases and the computer room.  I was given a general name tag to identify myself, taken on a tour of the area, explained the layout of the different types of materials, and then seated at the youth reference desk.  Here I greeted patrons and asked a lot of question.

It was a great opportunity, because the librarian on duty was Melissa Hilt, Youth Services Assistant Department Head and Youth Programming Coordinator.  In between doing withdrawals and helping patrons find Alice in Wonderland books, she was vary open with how the programs were organized and developed.  We also talked about serving the patrons, the display areas, and youth services.

Again on Tuesday, the youth services department was my destination.  This time the librarian on duty was, Schools Liaison, Amy Waters.  It was another great opportunity for learning.  We talked about how the schools and the library interact.  That the school librarians are the contact and the go between for the library.  We also discussed the different programs and resources available to the schools through the library.  As we were taking, she received an email about getting together with a teacher about a class session on mythology.  Amy would gather books and charge them out to the teacher so the kids would have materials on hand.