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  1. Investigate how gaming has developed in libraries, from the use of board games to video gaming systems.  How does gaming fit into the mission of a public library?
    1. Discuss project with site supervisor and other staff of the host library.
    2. Research the literature.
    3. In addition to examining the available data and documents at the host library, survey libraries identified from the gaming workshops offered by the Metropolitan Library System to determine how gaming fits into their goals and objectives and request any available data on how those goals and objectives were met.
    4. Participate in the gaming activities offered by the host library at the participant-observer and, later, gaming assistant or leader levels.
  2. Determin how a library decides which games or gaming system to provide their patrons.  (taking into consideratin, rating systems, collection development plans, budget constraints, ect.)
    1. Interview dicision makers at host library
    2. Utilize local data, survey , and more in-depth interviews with survey respondents
    3. Participate in the gaming planning process of the host library
  3. Determine if gaming is just a fad, or does it draw new patrons into the library and do they then discover other materials, programs and services the library has to offer.
    1. Interviews with host library staff.
    2. Participation in host-library gaming activities
    3. Question on survey as well as in-depth interviews with survey respondents.

The outcome of each of the objectives will be data, in the form of reports, blog citations, and observations.  This data will be the initial research for the paper due to Dr. Crowley and the project to be completed at the library on the broad topic of Gaming in Libraries; What is the  Next Level?