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My supervisor at the Glen Ellyn Public library and I have been brainstorming on ideas for my practicum project.  I originally wanted to do a project centered on gaming.  The library did one last year with the Dominican student at that time.  It was called “Scratch” programming.  The participants could design their own computer game using the free software at http://scratch.mit.edu/.   This is a great program for developing a game but I am more into playing them.

The Young Adults programs for gaming are just starting to be developed along with a senior gaming program at the library. So I had the idea to create a program around another interest of mine, Comics.


I have been looking into online comic creation websites.  There are many out there and have chosen two that should make creating comics for kids easy.  The first is http://www.pikikids.com/ps/home. It takes the hassle out drawing.  You can upload a photo or search for photos at Flickr, add speech bubbles and effects, move and resize the photos, and save when you are happy with what you have made.

The second website is for those who like to be a little more creative.  Pixton, is an Award-winning click-and-drag comic creator.  Here you can customize everything right on the page.  You can move characters into any pose, use in any web browser, Mac or PC.pixton

Each website has its disadvantages and advantages.  Designing a program with a set idea and a little wiggle room with these websites should prove interesting and educational.