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Pixton.10.10.09 (1)

The day arrived.  There were five signed up for the first session but only four showed.  This being my first program, this number seemed fine with me.  This amount just meant that I could get to know the participants, and assist them when needed.  The Youth Services Department Head, Kate Pierson, helped me organize the computers, and the laptop for the demonstration.  The program started on time but I was not as prepared as I would have liked to be.  I was unfamiliar with the laptop setup.  After the participants received a worksheet and were taken to the computers,http://www.pixton.com/,  it went more smoothly.  They were paired up by grade level and began experimenting with the layout and controls.  Once they began clicking and dragging they made some really creative scenes.  The hour ran smoothly,and the kids had fun with the site.  They got color printouts of the comics they made and left happy.  Pixton.10.10.09 (3)