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pcgWednesday was my first day in Adult services.  I went to the second floor to meet with the Adult Services Department Head, Rebecca Vnuk.   She welcomed me to the department and we began talking about my experiences so far and what I hoped to learn while I was in her department.  She was describing the different positions in the department, reference, programs, books selection, advertising, and much, much more when a pressing matter came up.

A patron who had violated the Patron Conduct Guidelines was in the building.  He had acted badly last week by breaking rule  4. While in the Library, please refrain from actions or language that could be perceived as abusive or threatening to others. Profanity is prohibited.  He was given a letter banning him from the library and asked to leave.  An incident report was filled out and put on file with the Library Director.  When he was seen in the library on Wednesday, the police were called and he was escorted from the library.  After the incident report was filled out for this occurrence,  Rebecca explained the libraries Patron Conduct Guidelines and that she was doing another aspect of her job, by enforcing these guidelines.

pcg3The Young Adult Librarian, Allison Harrell proceeded to take me on a tour of the second floor while the incident report was done by Rebecca.  After the excitement, Rebecca began to explain a project I was to work on.  She went through the description of the Reference Pre-Weed project.  The reference collect has gotten huge.  She believes that some of the books are out dated and can be more useful circulating.  An example of this are a collection of cookbooks they have gathered.  They believe they would serve the public more if they were able to be checked out.  I will be helping with this project by being a pair of fresh eyes.  I will be looking through the 600-900’s to see if any books could be moved or considered outdated.