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I arrived Friday at the adult reference desk, I met Homebound Coordinator, Beth Cusack, and Web Page Coordinator, Carol Waller.  These librarians explained the desk duties along with other projects and responsibilities of working in adult services.  Beth was working with the Ingram Book Company website, ipage looking over reviews of large print materials.  Carol answered question from patrons in person and on the phone.  Then they switched and Carol explained the updating of periodical titles using an Excel spreadsheet.  She also updates and maintains the library website.  They recently converted to using Drupal for the website and new and interesting items are being added daily.

After learning and observing I assisted in an ongoing project, pre-weeding of the reference collection.  I started in the 600’s.  I found about six books I thought were outdated or that there were multiple copies of.  It was interesting looking at a collection and wanting newer books on the shelf.