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systemerrorWhen I arrive at the Adult Reference desk, there were two computers and a laptop set up on one side of the main desk.  Apparently the main computer was being looked at, the replacement was running slow and the laptop was there just in case.  The computers situated in the computing room were also acting up every once in a while.  Electronics were not having a good day.

I started out observing Chris and Allison at the desk.  Allison was working on a program she was running within the hour.  She is the new Young Adult Librarian.  The program was on teaching teens to write letters for college.  She was printing out information and calling back patrons to confirm attendance numbers.

Chris is a part time assistant with her Library Technical Assistant certificate (LTA).  She was checking Horror book reviews for the selection of new books.

Carol then came out to relieve Chris and I once again began to weed reference books.  I picked up at 641.59 and ended at 808.  Then the lights went out.  The library went dark for about a minute and then things came back on.  All the computers needed to be rebooted.