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SelfCheckout 018

image at: library.ucf.edu/News/?channel=lib&mode=archive

Wednesday was my second day in the Circulation Department.  The first day was spent in the collection room.  This day was spent observing the desk at work.  There are three check out stations at the main desk and a new self check out station across from the desk.  These stations are covered by both full time and part time assistants.  When a patron comes up to the desk books are desensitized, their card is scanned, and the books/materials are checked out.  A printed receipt is handed to the patron and they are on their way.  The desk is also the place you go to for books on hold.  The books on hold are arranged behind the desk alphabetically by the last name of the patron.  This may sound like a simple process but when seen in action nothing is ever simple.  Problems can arise when there is miscommunication, or differences in policy between the different libraries in the area.