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Last Thursday I got inspired by the Adventures of an Unemployed Librarian blog.  Her post, Love Your Public Library got me thinking.  I work in a college library, and the towns public library is across the street, so I rarely visit my own public library.  So, when I got off early last Thursday I walked to my public library.  Glenside Public Library in Glendale Heights did not seem too far from my home.  But, it took me a little longer than I thought to walk.  I did have a mission when I set out besides getting some exercise.  I had looked up online that they had an audio book I wanted to check out.  When I got there I was informed that just 6 min. before it had been checked out.  The Librarian did pleasantly ask me if I wanted to put a hold on it.  At this point, being hot, tired, and a little disappointed, I decided to walk back home, but revisit the library again next week.