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hey guys it is getting close to extravaganza time again the next extravaganza will be on February 25, 2011 we are planning lots of new things and old things first of all sorry to all you magic people but magic will be single elimination this year to try and cut down how much time it takes. Also you will be expected to …do your other tournaments firsts. Second, We are having more tournaments this year. We are planning on having… a Pokemon tourney we are still experimenting with this so please bring your ds games and a team and have some fun. Also we are planning on doing and old skool tourney, this is also a new type of tourney we are experimenting with so pull out your old game systems, bush off the dust, blow out the cartridge, and brush up on your old skool games skills. That is all i am going to say about that one if you want to know more come to the extravaganza and participate it will be fun. We are also adding door prizes this year so if you don’t win a tourney you still have a chance to win something. We are still having all your old favs like halo brawl unreal, etc.