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20150321_102443 (1)My husband and I are gamers.  Since moving we have been able to keep up with some of our gaming groups online.  We are part of a static group that has been playing two different Turbine Games (DDO online and LOTRO Lord of the Rings online) for nearly 8 years.  We also play a Fantasy Grounds roll playing game (50 Fathoms) online.

We own and play many board games.  We have not been able to unpack and play with many of these games, because it is just the two of us here.  So we searched the internet and found a local board gaming group,  Dallas Games Marathon.  http://dallasgamesmarathon.com/

We have been attending this event for the last four months.  It has been outstanding. We have met new people, played new games, and had tons of fun.